At Lanark Transportation, we pride ourselves on providing efficient service in a respectful manner.

How do I book a ride?

To avoid disappointment we recommend booking your ride two to three weeks prior to the date of your appointment. Every effort will be made to fill last minute requests.

To make a booking, please contact our dispatcher at 613-264-8256, or complete the online form. (Please note: Your booking is not firm until you have received confirmation from one of our representatives by telephone.)

What is the cost?
We will advise you of the cost at the time of your booking. In some instances, the cost of the trip may be paid by your social service agency (Ontario Disability Support Program or Ontario Works). If it isn’t covered by your agency, you will be responsible to pay the full charge. (There may also be other subsidy support available for qualified individuals.)


What can I expect?

  • You may be traveling with other passengers.
  • To help us keep on schedule we ask that you be ready to leave at the time indicated.
  • We provide door-to-door service only and our drivers cannot make unauthorized stops.
  • Unfortunately, our drivers cannot attend appointments with you, however you are welcome to bring one guest to escort you to your appointment. If you are undergoing any form of surgery, (including dental), or have a cognitive disability, you must bring an escort with you. (There is no additional charge for your escort.)
  • If you require one of our accessible vehicles for your wheelchair or another mobility device, please specify this at the time of booking. You must also bring an escort who is capable of maneuvering the assistive device for you.
  • Individuals under 19-years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. If you are travelling with a younger child, you are responsible for providing and safely installing an age-appropriate car seat in the vehicle, as required by law.
  • We care about the safety and wellbeing of our passengers and drivers, as such, neither you nor your escort can be under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs, nor should you be suffering from a contagious illness. Smoking is also not permitted inside our vehicles.
  • We believe in providing a safe, respectful environment for our drivers and clients, as such, abusive or illegal behaviour by any passenger will lead to the immediate termination of the passenger’s ride.


Our transportation services are in great demand. If you need to cancel your booking, we ask that you please provide us with 24-hours notice. Last minute cancellations or “no shows” may be subject to a $25 cancellation fee and future bookings may be compromised if this fee is not paid.

Your safety and that of our drivers is important to us. In the event of inclement weather, we follow the same guidelines as local schools do for “snow days.” If school buses are cancelled, so too are our transportation services. We also leave it to our drivers’ discretion to cancel or discontinue a trip due to poor road conditions.